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Jim Zurer is a passionate Italy specialist. He has traveled widely across the length and breadth of the Italian peninsula--from Friuli to Sicily to the Val d'Aosta and most places in between. Working with Jim gives you the benefit of first-hand experience and intimate knowledge of the ins and outs of Italian travel.
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Recommended in the Fodor's Italy 2008 Guidebook

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"The trip was so well planned we felt like he had come with us. In our experience with travel agents and consultants, we found him to be incomparable."

"One of the best things my husband and I ever did, as far as travel planning goes, was to hire Jim Zurer. We couldn't have put our trip together without him. "

Italian Travel Journals
Latest Entry: May 23, 2012
Italy: Spring 2012: Friday, May 18: Day 24: Cannara

Italy: Spring 2012: Friday, May 18: Day 24: Cannara

Another nice day....how long can this keep up?

Sometime before we woke up, people slipped into the kitchen and squeezed fresh orange juice and made things ready for our breakfast.  The only thing missing from this kitchen for my purposes is a drip coffee maker but I search around and rig up a reasonable facsimile using a funnel, a napkin and a teapot.

We enjoy our breakfast--Teresa, the owner of the house--had made a "pizza di Pasqua" (a kind of cheese bread) and Jennifer made a delicious ricotta tart as well.

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