The day before the wedding, we went for a walk to see the cherry blossoms, celebrated (in antecipo) our Grandmother’s birthday, heard some jazz at Columbia station, and had a no-rehearsal rehearsal dinner at Full Kee.
Seth: pre-descruffification
Judy, Monica and Mike
Nonnie, Monica, Mike, Seth, Judy, Bencie
Ezra and Hazel
Holly and Selma
Grandma and Hazel
Carmi and Avi at Columbia Station
Kerensa, Marlene, Amira and more.
Jim, Jonathan and Rachel
Seth makes a new friend with Lisa’s cousin Jordan
Margreta laughs.
Lisa, Jim? and more.
The owners of the club
Arriving at Full Kee
Work Ahead at Full Kee
Marty, Jordan and Ernie
Carol, Holly and Charlie at Full Kee
Robert, Bennett and Bobby
Zurers and Hersheys
The wives! Monica, Lisa and Kerensa