Bilingual Child

By Barbara Zurer Pearson, Ph.D.
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iParenting Media AWARD 2008

Disney Family Group

EXCELLENT Product Winner &
"HOT" Award Winner

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iParenting is an ISO certified, independently audited evaluation system. RBC was selected from among thousands of products. Three outside reviewers include a group facility (like a licensed childcare facility or school), an expert, and a parent.


What are the most positive characteristics of this book?

Judge 1
This book for one, is an easy read, which is great for parents but also great because of the content. It is laid out very nicely. The book is a good size and holds up well. Most importantly, the author gives great tips and ideas for how to successfully raise a bilingual child.


Judge 2
"Raising a Bilingual child" is a wonderful book that helps a parent understand the benefits of raising their children to be bilingual. It has wonderful information in the book that parents can use to help their children with languages.


Judge 3
This is a very well researched and in-depth look at the issue of raising a bilingual child. I appreciate the author's thoroughness in addressing language from developmental milestones, research to support bilingualism, brain/mental attribute, speech and language theory and language disabilities.

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