Zurers In Italy 2007 - Part 2


Itinerary for Fall 2007

Day 1: Soriano nel Cimino
The flight over is, in fact, one of our better ones. Using frequent flyer miles, we are on Iberia--Dulles to Madrid and on to Rome.
Day 2: Soriano nel Cimino
We sleep through the night (very soundly) and wake up to the sounds of the church bells in the steeple right next door ringing at 7:30 a.m.
Day 3: Soriano nel Cimino
Another bright and sunny morning in Soriano nel Cimino. I walk down to town for breakfast supplies, today stopping in both the bakery (for rolls) and the pasticceria (for cornetti)--both are delicious---again.
Day 4: Soriano nel Cimino
We have another satisfying breakfast in our apartment. I do love my large cups of strong drip coffee;Michael has the coffee blended and ground specifically to his taste by a local coffee shop.
Day 5: Soriano nel Cimino-Cortona
Another nice day in Soriano. This morning we pack up and get ready to leave.
Day 6: Cortona
Despite a lot of noise from the street during the night, we sleep pretty well. The weather has definitely changed–it is sunny this morning but much cooler than it has been.
Day 7: Cortona
The day starts out a little overcast, cool and breezy as we head down the hill and get in the car. Our first stop is for gas and, since various warning lights have been flashing intermittently, to check the oil.
Day 8: Cortona
A bit about the Hotel San Michele…..it is handsome palazzo located just below the main piazza in Cortona….
Day 9: Cortona-Bologna
Before we leave Cortona, I spend a half hour at the Internet shop just down the street from the hotel…we had only noticed it yesterday when we drove up the Via Guelfa–nice fast connection and pleasant people. I am able to send off some work e-mails and download some material quickly…a pleasure after struggling with the slow dialup connection at the San Michele.
Day 10: Bologna
The breakfast room at the hotel is very attractive–a freestanding building in the garden with lots of windows–and the breakfast is also very good. Our first stop in the center of town is the very large Basilica of San Petronio, the patron saint of Bologna, which is set on one side of the Piazza Maggiore.
Day 11: Bologna
Another sunny day in Bologna…a little cool in the morning, but still pleasant.
We set out for the center, planning to visit some churches and some of the Jewish places in Bologna.
Day 12: Bologna
Our first destination this morning is the Museo Civico Medioevale e del Rinascimento (the Civic Museum of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance) which is housed in a handsome old palazzo–the Palazzo Fava-Ghisliardi. We retrace our now familar route from the hotel to the center of Bologna.
Day 13: Bologna-Belluno
We pack up and check out of the Hotel Porta San Mamolo. We have really enjoyed our stay…the room was comfortable (if a bit small), the bathroom was large and there was plenty of water pressure and hot water, the breakfasts were good and the staff were very friendly and helpful They even promised to have high speed internet access in the rooms next time we stay there.
Day 14: Belluno
The day is clear and bright–a perfect day for a drive in the mountains. Breakfast at the delle Alpi is noteworthy because we have some of the best cornetti we have ever had in Italy.
Day 15: Belluno
A little overcast today in Belluno…we are glad that we made our trip to the mountains yesterday when it was bright and clear. Today we follow the red carpet that leads to the Tiziano exhibition which is installed in the Palazzo Crepadona which is the Belluno library.
Day 16: Belluno
After a breakfast with some more of the delicious Belluno cornetti, we get in the car to drive to Feltre, a town about 20 miles to the south and west of Belluno. Today the sky is completely overcast and there are no signs of the Dolomites that usually dominate the views from Belluno.
Day 17: Belluno-Venice
Before leaving Belluno, we take a short stroll through town and stop in at the Museo Civico for a quick look around. It turns out tobe a very well organized and interesting museum with rooms devoted to local archaeology, a picture gallery featuring local artists, a sculpture gallery and collections of local furniture, jewelry and clothing.
Day 18: Venice
We walk over to the main street–the Strada Nuova–to buy some fresh rolls and cheese. The rolls and my french press coffee make for a very good breakfast.
Day 19: Venice
It is bright, sunny and a little cool as I make my run to pick up rolls for breakfast. After we eat, we walk over to the Grand Canal to the San Marcuola vaporetto stop–about a 10 minute walk from the apartment.
Day 20: Venice
Today is a beautiful sunny day. Our first destination this morning is the church of San Raffaele which is in the far southwest corner of Venice.
Day 21: Venice
The rolls that we get from the local bakery are exceptional–if only we could something similar at home–and with my large cups of strong coffee and very hot tea for Diana, it makes for a very satisfying breakfast. This morning is a relaxing morning.
Day 22: Venice
It is cooler and overcast this morning–rain is threatening–as I make my daily run for the great breakfast rolls. Today we are off to the Accademia….
Day 31: Rome-Washington DC
We are back home.....even though the reports indicate we are still in Venice.